Pandit Ki Pav Bhaji | 5 Monsoon Dishes One Craves For

16 Yummy Street Food Of India, Everyone Must Try

Indiaaaa ! A country famous for diversity not only in terms of it’s religions and castes and languages but also food.So they say that the way to a persons heart is through their  stomach ,so now just imagine how deeply do our hearts get jumping when it’s the delicious street food available in almost all parts of India but more specifically North India.We don’t really need a reason to stop by the puchka stall or the bhel Puristall,or to meet our friends at that delicious momostall. Ahh! Has your mouth started watering already, bcoz mine surely has.So fasten your seat belt people,we are off to a delicious journey.

Dahi Bhalle

These are soft badas ,served with a generous amount of curd and chutneys and spices.You can’t help but indulge in these soft bundles of joy.

Litti Chokha

A very famous traditional Bihari cuisine has now found it’s way in other cities as well. Its all about a spicy curry made from brinjals or potatoes served with litti or bread made from grams.


Although this migratory food is a native of Tibet and Nepal,these delicious steaming hot dumplings filled with veggies or chicken or cheese with the spicy red chutney has navigated it’s way to the streets of India and is absolutely irresistible.


How can we talk about street food and not talk about the scrumptious little bombs,the love of our life, golgappas / puchkas / panipurris.No matter what we choose to call it ,we have to admit there can’t be any alternative for these mouth watering tangy minty delights.

Chow Mein

Does it really matter where this originated from!Long red noodles getting tossed and turned on an open flame is enough to salivate our mouths.Getting evolved continuously our very own Choumeeeen is  one of the best road side snacks to have with friends and family.


Now hang on ,we are not mixing the two.But if you are crossing the streets of Indore which is so famous for it’s namkeens,chaats and samosas ,you certainly can’t miss the best treat of Madhya Pradesh,thepoha- jalebi combo.


Nothing can beat the exotic and rich variety of food from Rajasthan,the land of the Royals.These stuffed cruchy treats served with chutneys are famous not only among the locals but among food lovers from all over the world.

Vada pao

Maharasthra literally runs on this version of burgers.The spicy vadas sandwiched between the pavs served with fried green chillies might raise the temperature in your stomach but that satisfying taste is what keeps you attracting to these road side stalls.

Chola Bhatura

My all time favorite,now these are a real treat.Roundhotbhaturas with mouth watering choleis what you need to get over a bad day.Very famous cuisine originated from Punjab these are a must have for food lovers.

Aloo Tikki

Boiled and mashed potatoes with lots of onions and spices friedtill they are crispy and brown..yummilicious. Basically from Lucknow but always thought to have been originated from Delhi,these mouth watering snacks have their own version in every city due to their high popularity.


Originated from Gujrat,this popular evening snack has become one of the favorite street foods all over India.Served with namkeensthis delicacy will keep you strolling the streets over and over again .

Mirchi bada

Now this treat is for the brave hearts.The green chillies are scooped and filled with a spicy potato filling ,dipped in the besan batter and fried till they are crispy and brown.So my advise to the first timers would to be carry their water bottles which might be needed after that shot of fire in the mouth.

Paneer Tikkas

Big  chunks of paneer marinated in hung curd and spices ,then arranged on a stick with capsicums,onions and tomatoes.Then grilled in a tandoor and served hot with lemon juice and mint chutney and chaatmasala. Need I say more about this lip smacking street food of India!

Forget fine dining and fast food joints.The real best food is right here on the streets.These are just a few from the big delicious variety that is available all over the streets of India. So if u haven’t try all of them yet, hurry up, what are you waiting for ! Indulge yourself,Happy eating !