Violence in Old Jaipur results in weekend long curfew!

Violence in Old Jaipur results in weekend long curfew!

Whether you are a traveller or a resident of Jaipur, if you were in town over the last weekend, you would have been somehow affected by all the disruptions that occurred due to the violence in Ramganj area. This violence resulted in curfew in few police stations namely Manek Chowk, Subhash Chowk, Galta Gate and Ramganj police station and many police officials got injured along with an ambulance and patrol jeep being damaged.

This curfew resulted in shortage of food, business got affected in the city area, and internet connections were shut down in the entire city of Jaipur. Today is the third day of curfew and still 14 police stations of the walled city are shut down.

Jaipur is the city where members of all communities live with brotherhood, peace and harmony.

The communal violence that arose, majorly affected only the walled city of Jaipur whereas the other areas remained quite unaffected and went on with regular schedules despite the internet shut down.

We hope the decorum and peace of the city will be resumed shortly and all the residents take a stand against such violence together. We would also like to request all residents of Jaipur to not fall prey to misleading messages and check all facts before spreading any information that might provoke people.