How to Make The Hurl Hurl Drink

Top 12 List of World’s Most Dangerous Cocktails, Ever Made

Some of the widely used cocktails that we know are either too sweet or too loud,basically missing the entire point of being a cocktail. A cocktail should ideally be a drink which  has at least two out of three proportions of only Alcohol.Lets have a look at some of the most intoxicating and powerful cocktails which are a high dose of well making you high.Want to check how much of a tanker you  actually are,check out these drinks and their recipes with us.


This is one of the most badass cocktails. It’s ingredients are hard to procure but if you do manage to get the sweet vermouth,gin and campari, you are definitely half way there. The vermouth helps in diluting the Negroni making it drinkable but still the potential of this drink can’t be undermined.

Aunt Roberta

Without the influence of any fruit or juice, this one is of those with  100% alcohol content. It constitutes of Absinthe ,gin ,vodka and blackberry liqueur for the flavor. Two of these aunt’s are enough to set you grooving for the night.

Long Island Iced Tea

Mamma Mia ! Now this beauty comprises of Gin,Vodka ,Tequila ,Rum and triple Sec with a float of coke on it.We guarantee you that this tall lady is definitely going to give you some dangerous dance moves and regrettable memories.

Jungle Juice

Despite the name, this one’s an easy one to let your wildness wander after you have had it. Get some fresh cut  fruits in a bowl ,pour your favorite bottle of whisky or Vodka over it and let it sit through the night. Roar! The jungle king is ready to be set free in the morning.

Bone Dry Martini

Now this has to be the ultimate drink for the James Bonds in all of us.The Martini primarily comprises of Gin or Vodka with dry vermouth. Let go of the dry Vermouth to make it undiluted and brawny .

Cuba Libre

Looking at the regular ingredients of Rum n coke you would think it’s the regular drink ,only that it’s not. The Rum used In Cuba Libre is the 151 Bacardi. So this cocktail with a mixture of fair proportions of coke , Bacardi 151 and lemon Is not for the faint hearted.

Corpse Reviver

In the words of the famous bartender Harry Carddock “Four of these taken in the swift succession will un-revive the corpse “. We say that this cocktail of Gin and Absinthe classic is worth the risk.


White Rum,Dark Rum,lime juice ,orange juice ,Passion fruit juice ,simple syrup.Phew ,now clearly it couldn’t have been called anything but a Hurricane .This tropical storm of a drink will definitely get you going.

The Hurl Hurl

How to Make The Hurl Hurl Drink

A mixture of Amaretto,cranberry juice , crème de banane, Malibu rum ,melon liquer, peach schnapps, raspberry liqueur,southern comfort and triple Sec combined and shaked with ice might look sweet and innocent but trust me is a deadly drink.

The Zombie

Sounds scary ? Well,it should ! Not only this cocktail is high on it’s alcohol content but also the sugar content making it a deadly combination.Pineapple juice ,orange juice,Apricotbrandy,sugar ,light rum And dark rum ,lime juice And Bacardi 151 floating on top.Think twice before hitting the bar with this one.

The Tequila Blue Blazer

Juggling flames between  two pitchers ,this dangerous drink literally requires a fire extinguisher close by .The tequila is set on fire and then juggled with hot boiling water ,till the two are completely mixed . Definitely one drink you should never try making at home .


The most dangerous thing about this drink is the way in which it is ingested .This one unlike all the other drinks is not sipped ,but inhaled .The liquor is heated then sucked in the by the lungs with a straw.If not inhaled properly the Alcohol can have some serious effects on the brain.So Beware !

Almost everything exciting in life comes with a hint of danger ,be it an adventure or a toxicating drink . We all need that one kick to get ourselves and the party going !We hope the above list helps you in letting your hair down  and making the most of your evening .Happy and safe drinking .