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top 10 cities in india, which are amazing and affordable

A very important aspect of our life or should I say the core of our being is to live a happy and content life.We do such much to ensure that happiness comes our way.Despite our wanting a good life for ourselves we cannot deny the fact that problems are a never leaving part of our lives and it continues to knock on the door of our happiness every now and then ,sometimes softly ,sometimes loudly.There is so much that our heart desires, to be satisfied, but Roti, Kapda and makan, in other words,food, cloth and shelter are the basics we all require. Let’s have a look at some of our Indian cities which makes living worthwhile without us spending all of ours limited resources.


The first metro city of India, Kolkata definitely is one of the top 10 cities in india to live in. The easy living standards ensure you a comfortable lifestyle.Cheap public transportation makes it easy to commute.You can get a good meal for as less as 40 rs. If you are looking for renting a property or buying one, it will never leave a hole in your pocket. Good and affordable school and hospital services make it no.1 on our list.


The city of Pearls is one of the cheapest places for a better living in India.The transport facilities are good and cheap. You can find a number of hotels that can serve quality food at very nominal prices. Medical facilities are good and highly sophisticated. The city is count among top cleanest city in india, a very neat and clean and offers various sources of entertainment ensuring a good way of living .


This fast growing city of Madhya Pradesh is also the economical capital of the state. Transportation is cheap and pocket friendly .You can get a variety of good quality food at reasonable prices. You can afford to buy and rent properties easily .Good hospitals, education system and many areas of entertainment makes it a good place to live in.


The Chennai people would probably shake their heads in denial but Chennai is one of the cheapest cities to live in India. The food, drink, clothes, household supplies, rent, medical facilities, education, transport facilities all at affordable prices makes it one of the most favorable places to live in.


With quick plans of developing into a smart city this part of Gujrat is another good option. This clean green city gives you tremendous options to rent or buy your own place.A good connectivity around the city by means of buses and autos.Daily food and related expenses are slightly cheaper as compared to other cities. Good educational and entertainment structures.The weather remains pleasant for most of the year which makes it a comfortable place to live in.


The hub for students and IT Industry, Pune offers you many good and affordable accommodation options .The food is cheap and good.Good connectivity through out the city.It has that urban air to it which makes it a good option to experience the fast life at your very own pace.


Officially known as Kalaburagi, this Indian city in the state of Karnataka, is again a good option to reside .Famous for it’s tourism,this city has good connectivity with all parts of the country.The comfortable standard of living ,easy and affordable availability of services makes it a part of our list.


If u wish to live in a large city and avail all the facilities then this part of Gujrat Is what you are looking for.It is one of the most affordable cities to buy a house in.Needless to say the food is good and cheap. With the bullet train project coming up,it also rides high on the comfort of transportation.The people are good and simple .It has all the factors required in a good city.


Life in Cochin can look like a hardcore rock band to the outsiders ,but for the people there ,they have found their own rhythm amidst all the chaos and noise .Easy options for living ,food,school , hospitals and good connectivity makes it a good option to choose from.


The pink city of India is among one of the most affordable cities in the country. This smart city beautiful with it’s various forts and monuments gives a variety of living options .The city is full of good schools ,hospitals ,hotels.This metro laden city offers many means of transportation as well.The people are nice and friendly and the overall living standard here is very comfortable.

Even though there are no benchmarks to define what and how our life should be, fulfillment of certain basic amenities is essential for our growth and for the growth of coming generations. So if your planning to relocate and start all over again,have a good look at our options and work out your options wisely .