Top 50 Most Viewed Video On Youtube

Three former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, SteveChen and Jawed Karim created you tube in February 2005. The American video sharing website headquarters are located in San Bruno, California.Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion and now operates it as one of googles subsidiaries.

You tube let’s the user to upload ,rate,view ,share and add comments on videos, get subscription and the works.Needless to say sea is the limit when it comes to the content available as it ranges from video clips ,TV shows, music videos, documentaries, short films, trailers, live streaming and what not. You think of something and it’s near impossible to not find it on you tube.

Let’s have a look at some of the top most watched videos on you tube

Music vidoes on Youtube

One of the most essential factors that makes you tube a part of every persons daily life is the music content available on this channel.Every possible kind of music from every corner of the world is uploaded and reachable on this site.Music Videos also happens to be the most searched on you tube .
YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Music Videos

Pranks on Youtube

Videos featuring practical jokes on friends ,family and sometimes general public are some of the most searched and shared videos on you tube ,Not only these funny videos ensure a good laugh but are sometimes age restricted and controversial too.


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Educational Videos on Youtube

Another evergreen category can be the educational one . There are some big channels like that of National Geographic and TED which shares a lot of information with the viewers ,then there are also another kind of channels that provides educational videos for young and school going students.The thought provoking and interesting videos are for the younger audiences.

Vlogs on youtube

Vlogs are video blogs,and are a very famous medium of reaching out to people these days.The viewers get a chance to see the life of the vloggers ,these unscripted videos give a more authentic feel as compared to the scripted series .Some of these vlogs have managed to generate a considerable number of followers and are definitely one of the most searched contents on you tube.

Celebrities Youtube Videos

Viewers forever being curious about the life of their favorite stars is nothing new .There are many channels that keep the viewers updated about their celebrities birthdays, parties, holidays, link ups, break ups and what not .Without a doubt, These channels are highly searched and watched to keep one self updated with the celebrity gossip.

Product Review

It’s always a relief to know that you are putting or investing your money in the right product and there is always a little less gamble in it if you see someone using that same thing and tell their views about it as a consumer .There are several people who do just that ,review a product after using it ,This trend has made this category another highly watched content on you tube .

Do it Yourself tutorials Videos

You tube has definitely made the lives of a lot of people very simple and easier by providing a range of videos that ranges from easy hairstyles to everyday life hacks to gardening to cooking and a lot of other things that are required in day to day life .Some of these videos are extremely informative and therefore very popular with the viewers.

Video Game Walk through

A common type of gaming video is a walk through ,where someone who has played the game ,comments and guides the other users about how to got about clearing a particular level or answers other queries related to it.There can be huge engagements between gaming video makers and their supporters and there can be even live play sessions.

Telecom Series On Youtube

Another most searched content on you tube is the tele series available here ,miss watching your favorite shows or had to miss your most awaited Episode .not to worry ! You can catch up with it as and when you like here .

We can rightly say that you tube has become a content phenomenon after the rapid growth of it’s power and influence.It is the world’s second largest search engine after google itslef. No one could have possibly assumed that how strong this video sharing medium could have possibly been.The approximate number of videos watched on you tube everyday is about 4,950,000,000.The wide range of content watched on you tube by a huge spectrum of people itself describes the span of this very popular medium.