Meet Busiest Stuntman From England

Meet Busiest Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton

Bobby Holland
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How often do u complain about having a tough or rough day at work ! I bet it’s at least twice or thrice a week.Lets talk about “Bobby Holland Hanton “ today,the guy who actually always has a tough day at work. Bobby is a superstar stuntman,who has racked up some serious hours in Hollywood films, and has more then a few credits to show off.

Bobby was into gymnastics from the tender age of four . He competed for Great Britain at the age of 17 as a gymnast and won many gold medals in France, Russia and USA,Ukraine etc. But he had to quit early due to a back injury and also because of the leaving of his Russian coach and moving out of the country. He tried his hands or rather his feet at football for a couple of years, till an article about Legoland High Diving show caught his attention.

From that show he went on to other shows and it continued for some time till he found out that there was a gymnast in the James Bond “Casino Royale “ in a Chase scene while watching the film.

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His curiosity led him to make inquiries and he found out how to become a stuntman.He got into some serious training and soon he landed at his first job as a stuntman for Daniel Craig in the global blockbuster “Quantum of Solace “. The director was so impressed by his work that his five week contract went up to six months of work.

Bobby worked and prepared in live action shows , pantomimes, various Tv shows and did worldwide modelling campaigns and commercials for brands like K Swiss trainers, Adidas, Pepsi, Joop aftershave and several more .Some of these jobs led him to perform as a body double for Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and David Beckham, Before he became a full time professional stunt performer.

Bobby dedicated himself to become the best in his field ,it took him four years of his life in full time training ,this meant excelling in skills such as swimming ,high diving ,trampolining,kick boxing ,scuba diving etc.

If you work hard there is no way that success and fame will be far from you.Bobby has been felicitated and awarded numerous times for his contribution in the Hollywood blockbuster s. To name a few some of them are

  • 7 SAG award for Inception, Harry Potter and the deathly hollows, Skyfall and Games of thrones
  • Critics choice Awards nomination for Thor Rangarok
  • 2 Emmy awards for contribution to best stunt ensemble for Game Of Thrones
  • 3 Taurus World Stunt Award nomination for Quantum of Solace and Prince Of Persia in the sands of time.
  • Over 20 awards as executive producer
  • 2009 Guinness world record for the most targets hit with a back somersault throw in one hour

In all the actor has over 41 wins and 32 nominations in his Kitty.

The stuntman who has performed in over some 44 movies has created a significant name for himself in the film industry and rightly so .Some of his most famous and breathtaking works has been in movies like Inception,Wonder women, Skyfall, Harry Potter, Little Favour, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission impossible fallout, The avengers, Game of thrones and so on.

The 33 year old stuntman who recently worked on Thor Ragnarok has never been shy in revealing the downside of what is other wise a pretty awesome job as he puts it. Despite the hardcore and exhausting schedule of training ,eating and working there have been several incidents where he has injured himself on the sets .he has also had a lot of grazes and wounds but he always laughs about it and says it’s a part of the days work.

The gorgeous stuntman is also the ambassador with BAND-AID. He teamed up with them to promote their advanced healing range, and says he completely relies on their HYDRO-COLLOID technology in their bandages to aid him in healing from wounds on the sets.

The brave heart has managed to create an impressive fan following for himself on the social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.It takes a real man to put his life in danger in the pursuit of following his passion.We wish the Daredevil an even more successful and awe inspiring career ahead with less injuries and more acknowledgements and anecdotes.

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