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MOVIE REVIEW: Meri Pyari Bindu

Are you planning to watch Meri Pyari Bindu? Do yourself a favor, and don’t! Watch the 2009 release – 500 Days Of Summer instead. Already seen it? Great watch it again but do not bother watching Meri Pyari Bindu because it is quite literally a poor rip off of the Hollywood feature film!

Childhood sweethearts – Bindu & Abhimanyu are next door neighbors! Abhimanyu is a writer and Bindu is a singer who is quite eccentric actually – she doesn’t want to be bounded by anything. When she finds a new project to work on, she likes it but decides to ditch it later. Similarly, when Abhimanyu needs stability and commitment in the relationship, she tells him she feels suffocated! You get the drill.

But at least Parineet’s character has quirks, ups and downs and although she seems like this really confused young woman, but, the character Ayushman plays is solely dependent on Bindu. It’s a good thing he’s cute, or I wouldn’t have made it through the 1hours 59minutes.
All in all, it seems like the movie is trying too hard to be this amazing rom-com that in reality, it couldn’t become. But Parineeti and Ayushman look great and that made it bearable!

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