Top 12 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram and Twitter in 2018

Twitter is Not that it requires any introduction but a social networking site where people communicate with each other via small messages called tweets, and hope to be useful and helpful by sharing their thought and information is Twitter . This micro blogging site is the play ground for various popular people who have gathered a huge audience queuing up on their pages. Let’s have a look Whose among most-Followed Celebrities in 2018 on Instagram and Twitter.

Kate Perry 100 million Followers on Twitter

The beautiful singer is very close to the line of winning in Twitter with 100.3 million followers.Her tweets reflect her life by means of her posts on her music ,boy friends ,social issues and even her dog.

Justin Bieber – 100 million Followers on Twitter

One of the biggest teen pop artist of all time, Bieber gave his first solo hit at the early age of 16.Hugely popular and followed not only for his Music but also for the updates on his personal life ,this pop sensation has a following of 100 million ,making him the second most popular person on Twitter.

Taylor Swift – 83.3 million Followers on Twitter

This American singer, songwriter known for her narrative songs about her personal life is one of the leading contemporary record artists.With a following population of 83.3 million ,this star tops our charts for being the most followed celebrity on Twitter .

Rihanna – 86.8 million Followers on Twitter

The singer ,actor ,song writer and business woman is another hugely followed figure on the social page.With a following of 86.8 million this divas tweets are all you need to read to know everything about her and her music.

Justin Timberlake – 64.2 million Followers on Twitter

The American singer ,song writer ,actor and record producer is loved by one and all. With 64.2 million followers Behind his back ,Justin’s tweets ranges from his personal life to social addresses to Global issues and clearly to his music.

Instagram Followers

A social networking service owned by Facebook , Instagram is a simple ,fun and creative way to capture ,edit and share photos ,videos and messages with friends and family.You can follow the people of your choice and likewise you can be followed by the ones who like you.Needless to say this is another big platform to stay updated about what’s going on in the lives of our favorite public figures .

Selena Gomez – 133 million Instagram Followers

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For a star who has dealt with various mental health issues ,Selena has maintained to keep a loyal stream of followers on Instagram.Be it a romantic selfie or enjoying Delicious food after a concert ,this adorable girl continues to give sneak peeks to her fans who crossed the mark of 133 million followers in the year 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo – 121 million Instagram Followers

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The super hot and desirable football hero is one of the most widely followed guys on Instagram.From his oh ! So hot shirtless pictures to the more sober ones in suits and tie ,this sports icon has managed to entice about 121 million followers .

Beyonce – 111 million Instagram Followers

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Raiding the internet from revealing her pregnancy news to the world to uploading her latest pictures with her husband Jay Z,to her hot fashion shots,this Diva manages to keep her following of 111 million around her little finger .

Kim Kardashian – 114 million Instagram Followers

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The American reality television personality and socialite first gathered media attention as a friend and stylist to the famous Paris Hilton.In the last few years , Kardashian has grown a strong and influential presence on the internet.With all the information about clothes and products to her relationship with her husband Kanye West to her three adorable children ,this celebrity has managed to have a following of 114 million fans.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson – 111 million Instagram Followers

Also known by his ring name ‘The Rock ‘ ,this actor ,producer and retired professional wrestler is one of the sexiest man alive.With a crazy and deserved fan following of 111 million ,this superstar keeps his fans updated about his movies ,his social work,his beautiful daughters ,and his super hot pictures through his Instagram page.
We are not wrong to say that social media has become an integral part of our lives .Was there really a time when there was no access to all this information. I know ,it sounds almost unreal.But the reality remains that Intagram and Tweeter are just a few taps away,so get yourself on board and get all the latest updates on your favorite stars.