Top 15 Most Controversial Netflix and Amazon Originals

Top 15 Most Controversial Netflix and Amazon Originals

Taking over completely to the pop culture world,Netflix and Amazon Prime have become an integral part of our lives.Anyone who does not have a subscription ,is seriously missing out on a lot of content. Apart from the regular series and movies ,these platforms have come up with their very own sitcoms and films. While there are various other platforms , Netflix and Amazon have marked a name for themselves.Even though these streaming services are enjoying a fast ride ,they have definitely had a few bumps along the way.Lets have a look at the most controversial series.

13 Reasons why

Based on the book by Jay Asher ,13 Reasons why revolves around the story of a young teenage girl who kills herself but leaves behind tapes depicting the 13 Reasons of killing herself.The manner in which it was presented triggered a risk to viewers by reinforcing unhealthy ideas clearly leading to controversies.

House of Cards

This was one of the most successful dramas on Netflix.But around the same time ,a lot of assault scandals were raised and proven on Kevin Spacey,a lead of this sitcom.The people pressure to eradicate him from the series was so powerful that it lead to several contradictions and controversies.

Mo’niques Boycott

Mo’nique the Oscar winning actress had called for a boycott of Netfilx claiming them to be gender biased and color biased.Netflix did not comment on the situation but clearly the controversy didn’t do the service any favors.

The Crown

Netflix original series “ The Crown “ came under fire when it was revealed that the lead actors were paid unequal amount of money based on their gender.Being a political drama,the fans were highly upset that the fictional queen was making less money then the fictional husband.


While Netflix has received many applause for their original shows ,some have received flat out criticism like this series of Atypical. The show attempts to shed light on the struggles of autism in a funny positive manner but drew a lot of criticism for the portrayal of the main character.

The Ranch

Danny Masterson ,a part of these series was the center of assault allegations. Even though the charges were denied by the actor ,he had a controversial conflict with the viewer’s and the channel over letting him being a part of the series .

Step Sisters

This original series on Netflix has been controversial as many claimed it to be culturally inappropriate. It’s about how girls of the black Sorority teaches dance to white Sorority. Raising an alarm about racial discrimination, this series left the viewer’s disheartened.


Story of Patty, a fat teenage girl being mercilessly teased by her school mates ,got the viewers fuming .A lot of people have expressed their disappointment of showing drastic and enforced weight loss as a path to being likable and successful and popular.The masses were upset for they believed that showing this pattern affects the society in a negative and judgmental manner .

Sacred games

Netflix is no stranger to controversies.This show is set on the Mumbai underworld ,based on the novel by Vikram Chandrait is one of the most violent and explicit series ever. Highly criticized for it’s abusive language and for leashing out on the Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi,this show has had it’s round of controversies.

Dear white people

Acclaimed and adored by critics and fans alike ,many people attacked the show based in it’s title alone ,claiming it to be a racist attack against white people.


Amazon has snapped up exclusive rights to one of the most anticipated US TV series Preacher .Famous for all the wrong reasons for it’s high content ,unless some scenes have been completely cut or watered down,the viewer’s are in store for some major shock.

Hand of God

In pursuit of Justice a judge goes to extreme lenghtsand on the path of religious violence in the aftermath of his Daughter in laws rape and his son’s subsequent suicide attempts.Its dark theme and on screen violence is sufficient to make it a controversial series .

Good Girls Revolt

Set in 1969,the series was inspired by the landmark sexual discrimination case filed by a dozen of women employees.The content raised various questions making it highly controversial.Even though Amazon claimed the reason of cancellation to be low season completion rate and low performance on the service.

Crisis in six scenes

The fact that the legendary Woody Allen didn’t take his venture into television seriously and created a series out of love and interest raised many an eye brows leading to controversies around it.


This is the story of a Filipino high schooler caught in the drug war.Thus series has already attracted a lot of criticism and controversies over actively promoting extrajudicial killings and anti drug vigilants.

Despite gathering some of the best reviews and fan excitement,Amazon prime and Netfilx have both dropped the ball and fallen prey to various controversies created by accused actors, irrelevant subject ,promoting racism ,gender inequality and so on.Some of them gained popularity for merely being extremely offensive , extremely ridiculous and extremely crappy.