Yummy, Quick and Easy Monsoon Recipes For This Rainy Season

The sweet smell of earth,tiny droplets of water on the windows ,the softest breeze and the freshly painted green on the canavas of nature.The monsoons have arrived .Even though we love everything about the rainy season ,there is one thing without which the season is incomplete.Any guesses ?Food.Those deep fried snacks and multiple cups of tea and coffee is what makes monsoons the best time of the year.Lets go on a tour of some mouth watering foods that is ideal for this season.

Garam garam chai

Garam garam chai in rainy season
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God made rain and we made chai.Even though there are so many delicious flavors of tea available in the market nothing beats a good cup of masala chai in the rainy season .So set the water boiling ,put cardamon ,cinnamon and ginger ,tea leaves and sugar ,add milk and trust me there just can’t be a better recipe then this for the rains .

Corn /Bhutta in Rainy Season

You have not enjoyed the monsoons if you have not had these .It’s like the two have a deep intertwined relationship and one is incomplete without the other .So get ur bhutta off the flames ,rub lemon and salt over it and enjoy.

Maggi in Rainy Season

With the grey clouds and the cool breeze outside all you really need to make your day even more perfect is a hot bowl of Maggi. Super easy to cook,it is a real feast for monsoon lovers.

Panner pakodas With Chai in Rainy Season

Now we all know that we can’t talk about rains and not mention pakodas.Get some paneer ,slice it into desired chunks ,make a batter of besan and red chillies and salt .dip these chunks into the batter and fry till they are golden and crispy .Eat them hot with chutneys and ketchup.Yummy in the tummy.

French fries in Rainy Season

Again super easy to make ,these crispy potato fries are the best thing to cook when it’s raining outside .Get some oil heated in a pan,slice the potatoes and deep fry them.Your favorite snack is ready.

Besan Chilla in Rainy Season

These gram flour pancakes stuffed with paneer and onions and tomatoes are a real treat for this season.

Take some besan ,make a batter using water ,add salt and red chilli powder .Take a non stick pan ,and spread the batter giving it a round shape ,cook well from both sides using a little oil,put the stuffing and roll it up,serve hot with green chutney.

Sev puri in Rainy Season

Are the black clouds outside making you feel lazy and hungry at the same time .We know exactly what you should do to solve both the purpose.Cut tomato slices or take patasi, sprinkle your favourite namkeens over it ,squeeze in a few drops of lemon and sprinkle some corriander on top,Aha! Your very own Sev puri is ready.

Grilled Sandwich in Rainy Season

Sandwiches are mostly liked by all and not only are easy to make but delicious too.Got some leftover mint chutney in your fridgeand that leftover potato vegetable,perfect ,take slices of bread ,spread the chutney and put the potatoes, grill them on the machine and voila, they are ready to eat.

Tomato soup in Rainy Season

So this one if for those health freaks who choose to maintain their weight even in this beautiful weather .Set your soup boiling ,and at least fry those bread croutons to have some crunchiness with the hot delicious yet healthy soup.

Get that masala chai in a kulhad with lots of yummy pakodas and please some Maggi too.The monsoons are not only to get drenched in rain but Also in the aromas of the monsoon food.So come on then ,promise to try on these quick recipes n make this rainy season a Foodie season.