Happy Milk Chocolate Day 2018: Which Chocolate Do You like Most Dark , Milk or White Chocolate

Tine to Embrace your inner chocoholic on July 28,the official Milk Chocolate Day. Made of cocoa solids – cocoa paste and cocoa butter – mixed with dry or condensed milk and sugar , milk chocolates is one of the most common types of chocolates available around the world.

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Invention of White Chocolate

White chocolates have been known to be  invented in Switzerland probably during the 1930’s ,as a means of using excess cocoa butter. As you are probably aware ,many people believe that white chocolate is not the real chocolate.

Mood Enhancer get

Did you know that chocolates actually have mood enhancing benefits ?That’s right – chocolate can make you happy. This is due to the fact that it contains a stimulant called the Obromine and a compound called Amandamide. Now that’s a reason to celebrate! No matter what white chocolates will make your day . The substance that they carry gives you a happy feeling  which has to be the perfect remedy to lift you up ,if you are feeling low or have had a long and terrible day.

White Chocolate Vs the Dark Chocolate

White chocolate is a chocolate derivative. It commonly is made  of cocoa butter  ,sugar and milk solids and is characterized by a pale yellow or ivory appearance.Dark chocolate on the other hand is made by the old  mixing, grinding and kneading texhnique for the various raw ingredients to turn it into a paste. The Ingredients used are dependent on the type of chocolates being made. Dark chocolates require only cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar.

Health benefits of White Chocolates

White chocolates are high in saturated fats.While white chocolates contain a good amount of calcium ,it isn’t a healthy food option, because it doesn’t supply significant dose of other essential nutrients to make up for the high calorie ,sugar and fat content. So even though you can splurge on white chocolates occasionally without harming your health,it can’t be a plan of your healthy eating plan.

Improves eating disorders

Eating disorders can prove to be fatal for health as compulsive eating disorder.By eating chocolate as dessert , especially white chocolates will leave a lingering sweet taste in the mouth . So when the patients forget to eat ,saliva will be stimulated again reminding the patients to eat.

Cognitive Functions

White chocolates are perfect for children as Desserts as it may improve their cognitive function. This is because chocolates stimulates the brain to provide a local point to assist the child in solving various problems.This is the reason why people suffering from Autism and ADHD prefer chocolate then other foods.

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World’s best white chocolates

White chocolate- the good stuff – milky,richand full of great subtlety is worth celebrating. Here are the exceptional ones to look for

Best for baking –Valrhona

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Thebig and the super famous  European brands like Valrhona ,Barry and Calllebaut  produce mild ,silky versions that melt sexily into custards and creams. The extra fat makes it a beautiful stabilizer for buttercream that won’t outshine the other flavors you are working with.

Eat it staright – Askinosie and El Rey

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El Rey and Askinosie keep their white chocolates fragrant and funky by using their own Undeodorizedcocoa butter .El Reys is buttery and smooth with a pronounced nutty cocoa nib aroma and just a touch of vanilla. Askinosie has a firmer texture and a satisfying snap but is less versatile for cooking.

Magical caramelized white chocolates- Fruition

White Chocolate and its benefits
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Fruition chocolates in upstate New York  sells a toasted white chocolate bar. With flavors of butterscotch ,brown butter and toffee, the bar boasts a subdued sweetness and satiny mouthfeel that makes it perfect for snacking or melting into Ganache.


Chocolates are a universal treat.People all over the world love the taste of chocolates.So chocoholics get ready ,it’s time to unite and celebrate the white chocolate day !