jagga-jasoos movie trailer


It starts with an a-cappella screen break of Ranbir Kapoor beat boxing and syncing tunes (which initially got me on the edge of my seat as I love a-cappella but it didn’t come through, soon there was percussion and hence it wasn’t a-cappella after all – major disappointment there!) But soon I was distracted and absolutely excited again as the visuals take us to the magical world of Disney and all is well again!

Then we can find Ranbir on what can only be called the biggest adventure of a lifetime – old fashioned airplanes, parachutes, scenes of the African Savanna and what not! He finds Katrina and then both of them venture into an exciting sequence of events which felt like all my childhood adventure books coming to life! Chase sequences, boarding school scenes, circus and lots of animals!

With the trailer alone, Anurag Basu has set an extraordinarily high mark for Bollywood children movies! I can’t remember a single film from the past that can compare to Jagga Jasoos!

There is not a single lyric or word uttered in the trailer, just a single dialogue – right at the end!

The movie is set to release on 14th July and I just cannot wait!

If you haven’t already, you can watch the trailer here!