tobacco ban

Healthcare Institutes in Rajasthan to go Tobacco Free!

All healthcare institutes in Rajasthan, public or private will have to comply with section 4 and 6 of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). Which means that no person will be allowed to consume tobacco in any form on the premises of the institute.

The idea is to discourage the chewing or smoking of tobacco in any form and declare all private and public healthcare institutes up to sub-centre as tobacco free. All of these institutes are required to put up statutory signs at the entry, exit and at important areas within the premises.

Section 4 of COTPA restricts the consumption of tobacco in public areas – and all healthcare institutes are categorized under public places. And Section 6 restricts tobacco sales to minors and near educational institutes. Medical colleges or district hospitals have teaching as a primary component and hence, section 6 has been applied for the same – incidentally, Rajasthan is the first state in India to recognize medical colleges and district hospitals as educational institutions and loop them under Section 6!

COTPA was enacted in the year 2003 in order to discourage the use of tobacco in general and protect everyone from the harmful effects of it. Each institute will be a tobacco free health care facility and that is some really great news for Rajasthan! Hoping for successful and immediate implementation for a cleaner, healthier and greener Rajasthan!