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6 Insane Food Challenges in India

A lot of cafes and restaurants around the country are presenting their customers with interesting food challenges! Here are some of the challenges from around the country!

The WTF Burger Challenge, The Burger Barn Cafe, Pune


The burger stands a foot tall and measures a whopping 2 kilograms! It is loaded with 6 unique patties of chicken, hotdog, and salami, and is finished with an egg. Topped up with a side of fries and a milkshake. The challenge is to finish this tall burger, along with the milkshake and fries within 30 minutes! If you do that, you make it to the wall of fame! And if you can wrap it up within 15 minutes – your dinner is free! You might think that 15 minutes is too less – but the record is set at 9 minutes!

Asli Parantha, Delhi-Rohtak Bypass Road


With a diameter of 2 Subway sandwiches put in a line, India’s greatest parantha is not something you can coolly have for breakfast with a pot of dahi and a tablespoon of pickle. Measuring a kilogram, the challenge is to gobble down 3 of these paranthas within 50 minutes! And the prize? A lifetime supply of paranthas! Motivation enough?

Cafe Sundance – Mumbai


A Sasquatch burger challenge to finish their humongous burger with 500gms of French fries!! Clean up the plate within 30 minutes and your meal is free AND you win an opportunity to share the fame with the previous winners on the wall!

ABS Challenge, Plan B, Bangalore


The ABS Challenge which is short for “Ass Burning Spicy”!! I’m sure you get the idea already! The task is simple –to successfully wipe up a plate of six chicken wings coated with an extra spicy sauce!! Do this and rightfully claim your spot on the wall of fame!

Death Wings at Social Delhi


Think you can handle spice? Think twice! Social challenges you to finish a plate full of spicy Buffalo wings by yourself! Do this to win an on the house and much neededlemonade! The challenge is open to all and can be taken any time, any day. Remember, sharing will be considered as cheating.

The Patashee Challenge


Patashee – our very own golgappe/paanipuri! These challenges are friendly matches conducted between friends and family. The ultimate winner is the one who eats the maximum number of patashee!! Winner is declared the Patashe King/Queen while the loser pays for all the patashee consumed!!

Really hoping that some of Jaipur’s very own cafes would invent a challenge of their own to entice all of us foodies!!