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A Complete Video Guide For Europe Travel, Top Tourist Destination Places

One of the most beautiful continents for a holiday ,Europe attracts 600 million tourists every year.Out of the 10 most visited countries in the world ,7 are in Europe and that too for valid and good reasons.Although Europe is not one country ,the easy connectivity and good transport structure through the borders is very efficient and well maintained and before you even realize it you are a part of a new country and new culture .Apart from it’s very famous cultural heritage ,Europe is also very popular for it’s archaeological sites ,old towns galore and for having some of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world .Let’s have a look at some countries which can be visited without burning a hole in our Pockets but offers the same experience of beauty and travel.


Located on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan peninsula ,this small country is home to many castles and archaeological sites.It has the beautiful Adriatic and Lonian coastlines and the Albanian Alps. The. Cities to visit are Tirana, Sarande, Lake Ohrid, Durres, Lake Scutari and Shkoder. Some of the other places which are a must visit are the Albania Alps,Albanian Riviera, Dhermi and Lura National Park.


Very popular for it’s cultural heritage and natural beauty ,it’s unique music ,night life and festivals ,this is a very fast growing tourist country.
Sarajevo, Lukomir Mountain village, Sutjeska National Park, Konjic, Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj, Trebinje, Neum and Una National Park are some of the most beautiful places to visit in this country which will completely take your breath away.


A diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline ,mountains and rivers this Balkan nation is very famous for it’s rich culture and heritage of traditional dance ,music ,crafts and costumes.The famous destinations are Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas, Nesebar, Velika Tarnovoetc. The sunny Beach, Rila monastery , Alexander Nevsky cathedral are some of the most popular point of interests .

The Czech Republic

Known For it’s history ,ornate castles and native beers ,this country located in the
Central Europe is highly notable for it’s beautiful wealth of Gothic , Renaissance and Baroque buildings more then half of which have been converted into heritage hotels and cafes.The cities ideal for a tourist are Prague ,Cesky Krumlov, Karlovyvary, Kutna hora, Pilsen etc.The Indian summers are the ideal and best time to visit this country.


With Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finlad as it’s borders ,this country located in the Northern Europe is home to more then 1500 Islands ,disverse Rocky beaches and forests.It is also highly popular for it’s hilltop forts ,churches and castles .The places to visit in this country are Tallinn, Parnu, Tartu, Saaremaa, Lahemaa National Park,Narva, Haapsalu etc.


This Western European country has diverse landscapes of Mountains ,forests ,rivers and Beaches.Its capital Berlin is home to some vuvid art collections and night life.Munich is known for it’s Oktoberfest and beer halls,Frankfurt with it’s skyscrapers is also the town of European Central Bank.The other famous places to cover are Cologne, Heidelberg,Hamburg,The black forests ,Dresden etc.


The best combination of River ,Mountain and Architecture ,Hungary is in UNESCO,’s list of worlds heritage places and rightly so.The cities to visit here are Budapest, Lake Balaton, Szentendre, Eger, Esztergom, Visegrad, Pecsetc. Places like Tokaz are famous for their wine , vineyards and castles whereas you can find the best of churches and temples in Vac.


A landlocked country with Bulgaria ,Serbia ,Greece and Albania as it’s neighbors ,this beautiful country is the perfect amalgamation of mountains ,rivers and valleys.The must visit places are Skopje,Ohrid, Bitola,Struggle, Tetovoetc. Another famous place is the Sar Mountains which are best known for their Mountains ,parks ,rivers ,hiking and skiing.

These parts of the world are an ideal place for a holiday as they offer you all of it.Landscapes,beaches ,culture and heritage ,night life .You name it and you have it .We hope you have a good time planning and travelling on your dream destinations. Bon Voyage.

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