Om Prakash Mehra | anty aau kya

The era of cringe pop is here and sadly Jaipur has been affected!

These days, whenever people go through their Facebook timeline, all that comes up is the viral video by Omprakash Mishra in which he is seen singing his self-composed song ‘Bolna Aunty Aau kya’.  If you search for events near you on Facebook, the most popular event is going to be ‘Shouting Bolna Aunty aau Kya’ across the nation. You may find people on your friend list who have already announced on Facebook that they would be attending this event. Some friend on your list might have shared this rap on Facebook and some might have tagged you in this cringe worthy song.

The aforementioned event was first held in Delhi at Connaught Place, and now the so-called event is famously travelling across the nation including public places and colleges. So, don’t be surprised if you hear a massive crowd shouting out offensive lyrics at Jaipur’s World Trade Park tomorrow. That’s right, the event is to be held tomorrow in Pink City, i.e., Sunday, September 17, 2017.

Imagine a hundred people shouting out ‘ghanti main bajau kya’ in the middle of the street as you pass by. Well, we don’t support this activity and neither should you.  Not only are the lyrics heavily misogynistic but once you hear the complete song, you’ll realise how offensive it is.

It is quite surprising, the number of views this particular video has on  YouTube despite all the hate it has received and to top that people actually turned up at Connaught Place and made this event happen without a single action being taken against them. Honestly, if this wasn’t a song, the words would clearly get them harrassment charges. We are all for Freedom of Speech and creative liberty, what we are against is the promotion of cringe pop and applauding somebody’s complete lack of talent.

Going and attending this shameful event or not, is your choice. But if you are attending this event then you are somehow responsible for promoting rape culture and encouraging sexual harassment. Whether you get it or not, that’s what ‘sot main lagau kya’ is all about.

Instead of promoting this culture and encouraging more such artists to come up with such ridiculous compositions, we should stand together against it and instead promote good work that genuinely deserves the appreciation and applause.