14 Delicious And Quick Maggi recipes For Maggi Lovers

Maggi is a maiden name in kitchens all over the world.Loved by all these yummy noodles have been a part of our childhood and now the childhood of our children.Its an international brand of seasoning’s ,Instant soups and Noodles that originated in Switzerland in the late 19th century. The company was later acquired by Nestle. Having a high content of Lead ,Maggi was banned in India for some time but eventually hit the markets again. Maggi noodles carry a green dot which means they are specifically formulated to serve vegetarians. These noodles comes in a variety of price bucket ranging from rs 5 to 40.One of the world’s largest and most loved noodles ,let’s have a look at some delicious Maggi recipes

Delicious And Quick Masala Maggi Recipe

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make your Maggi yum.Make Maggi the usual way and add a packet of Maggi taste maker to it.Your Maggi is done and ready to eat.

Delicious And Quick Egg Maggi Recipe

There can’t be a better food for someone who loves eggs and Maggi both then this preparation.While making Maggi,drop an egg or two and whisk properly .Egg Maggi is ready !

Delicious And Quick Egg Bhurji Maggi Recipe

Let the Maggi cook in it’s usual manner in one pan. Take another pan,add oil/ghee,finely chopped onions and chillies,add red chilli powder and salt as per ur taste and then add egg.Let it cook.Once the Bhurji and Maggi are cooked ,toss them together. Serve hot.

Delicious And Quick Maggi sandwich Recipe

Now this is one recipe that we all have tried in our hostel days.Prepare Maggi ,toast sliced bread.Sandwich the Maggi between the toasts and tada your very own Maggi sandwiches are ready.

Delicious And Quick Chicken Maggi Recipe

Have leftover Chicken from last night,then it’s time to put it to good use .Separate the meat from the bones in tiny pieces or slices.Cook Maggi the usual way,add the chicken and your Chicken Maggi is ready.

Delicious And Quick Prawn Maggi Recipe

Just like the Chicken Maggi this one is an easy preparation too.Get the prawns frying along with ginger ,garlic and onions until they are golden brown. Add the ready prawns to Maggi and your cuisine is ready.

Delicious And Quick Maggi Friters Recipe

Ok! So this one requires a little work.Prepare Maggi and let it cool.Once it’s in the desired state ,add herbs like Oregano,basil and chilli flakes , cornflour and salt to taste.Heat oil in a pan and use this mixture for making Maggi Fritters.You can serve them hot with chutneys and ketchup.

Delicious And Quick Veggie Maggie Omelette Recipe

Boil Maggi and keep it aside.Make a mixture of besan,sujiand ginger garlic paste.Add spices like salt and chilli powder as per your taste.AddMaggi.Mix everything well.Take a non stick pan and pour this batter ,sprinkle a little oil and let it cook from both sides .Veggie Maggi omelette is ready ,serve it with chutneys and sauce.

Delicious And Quick Baked cheese and corn Maggi Recipe

Half cook Maggi and corn together .Grease a baking dish with butter .Spread the half cooked Maggi and corn on the tray,add shredded cheese and the herbs of your liking.Bake it for 5-7 mins.Once the cheese starts melting and turns golden brown ,your Baked Maggi is ready.

Delicious And Quick Maggi poha Recipe

Cook Maggi without using the tastemaker. In a pan take oil,let it heat, add mustard seeds,saute green chillies ,Curry leaves and finely chopped onions and carrots, addsalt, redchilli powder and turmeric.Let it cook for a few mins.Add Maggi and serve it hot after sprinkling corriander leaves on it.

Delicious And Quick Maggi Masala tikkis Recipe

Boil the Maggi and let it cool.Prepare a mixture of boiled potatoes,onions ,carrots and bread crumbs.Add ginger garlic paste,salt,redchilli powder and chat masala. Add Maggi to this mixture ,shape it into small round tikkis and shallow fry them .Cook from both sides using ghee /oil till they are crispy.Serve hot with a variety of chutneys.

Delicious And Quick Salsa Maggi Recipe

For this you need finely chopped onions ,tomatoes ,green corriander and cucumbers.Keep the cooked Maggi ready. Mix the finely chopped veggies in the Maggi and add salt ,black pepper and a little lemon juice.Aha! Now that’s just heaven in your mouth.

Delicious And Quick Pesto Maggi Recipe

Are u a fan of the Pesto sauce ? There are many easy options available of the same In the market.Socook the Maggie,keep it aside ,In a pan saute your favorite veggies like onions , broccoli ,beans and carrots,add Pesto sauce and salt And pepper. Mix everything thoroughly and your mouth watering Maggi is ready.

Delicious And Quick Cheese Maggi Recipe

Don’t we all just love cheese and Maggi. Grateur favorite cheese be it cheddar or Mozarella, sprinkle it heartily on the cooked Maggi and heat it in the microwave for just 2 mins. The yummiest form of Maggi that you will ever taste is ready to go.

Maggi rightly believes that cooking has the power to affect our lives .So try out these delicious recipes and add a lot of good flavors to your life.