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Delicious Indian Sweets – The Irresistible Sweet Sins of India

So technically Mithai means a sweet dish or something Meetha. But MITHAI is that peice of heaven without which life would loose ,well almost all of it’s sweetness.Its such an important element of our existence. Can you imagine a festival ,a wedding , a season or any celebration without these pieces of heaven ? No, right ! So watch your drooling ,as we go on a sweet delicious journey.

Lets have a sneak-peak of these delicious Indian sweets.


This super popular and super delicious Dessert is prepared from Maida, Besan , Curd and water ,The batter is allowed to stay overnight and then fried in coil shapes ,dipped in sugar syrups and served hot.Wowie!

Besan ka Laddu

Prepared using Gram Flour (besan ), ghee and sugar ,the mixture is shaped into small delicious balls or ladoos. These ladoos are also widely used as Prashadfor various religious deities in India.

Gajar ka Halwa

Come winter’s ,And we can’t resist the delicious gajar ka Halwa- made by our mothers and grandmother’s using carrots,milk ,sugar ,ghee and dry fruits !Anyone Nostalgic.


This traditional Rajasthani sweet is associated with the festival of Teej and is considered an auspicious exchange to the loved ones.Made from Flour ,ghee,clarified butter ,sugar and milk ,this delicacy is then dipped in sugar syrups and then decorated with badams,pista ,kesar and elaichi.

Gulan Jamun

A very popular Indian Mithai,these are made from milk solids ,given the shape of balls and deep fried then dipped it sugar syrup .The result – Mouthwatering.

Sohan Papdi

Prepared using Gram Flour,flour ,sugar,ghee ,milk and cardamon,thispopular Indian dessert is usually cube shaped or served as flakes,it generally has a flaky and crispy texture.

Kaju ki Katli

Also popularly known as kaju barfi ,this Indian Mithai is made using Cashews ,sugar and ghee.To make it more decorative it Is finished with silver edible foil.

Agra ke Pethe

A translucent soft candy originated from Agra,This North Indian Mithai is often cylindrical and rectangular in shape and Is prepared from the Ash Gourd vegetables.With it’s high popularity and demand ,many innovations have been done to the original form.


Famously knows as Roshogolla in Bengal and Rosogola in Orissa ,These spongy Chenna and semolina dough dumplings are cooked in light syrup made of sugar.These undoubtedly are among the most liked and consumed Desserts of India.


The quintessential Rabri is a very heavy dessert made by heating the condensed sweet milk till it becomes thick and creamy,and then garnished with cardamon and dry fruits.Despite being a Heavy Mithai it is a perfect treat for all.


Rasmalai has been believed to be originated from Bengal.The flattened Chenna balls are cooked in sugar and milk and then these creamy balls are garnished with elaichi and pistachios.Need we say more !


Is it just me ,or the word Kheerputs a smile on your face too ?This rice pudding made from boiling milk,broken rice ,sugar ,kesar and dry fruits in an inseparable part of the Indian cuisine .


This classic Indian sweet is believed to be originated from Punjab and is slightly different from Kheer ,as Kheer is made by using whole rice and Phirni is made using the ground rice.They are served in Sikoraswhich add more charm to this delicious Dessert .


How can we talk about desserts and not mention Kulfi !This creamy and out of the world ice cream is made using milk and sugar and is available in a variety of flavours such as mango,saffron ,cardamon,paan , strawberry etc.


This mouth watering and delicious pancake made from Maida or semolina is the perfect dessert for any celebration.The crispy pancakes fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup and served hot with almonds and pistas and kesar..Yummy !
We are a country of sweet people ,And we all have that big sweet tooth ,so go on ,choose your favourite treat for the day ,and like the popular Hindi dialouge says “MuahMeethaKariye “.