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Jaipur, Move on From KFC and Come Over To Khan Fried Chicken

So, last night, I was out exploring Ramganj Bazaar with a couple of my friends and it was soon time for dinner so we started looking around and found MM Khan, and as a meat lover, I was delighted as that meant I would finally get to try the lip-smacking Biryani there! We walked towards MM Khan, which by the way was flooding with people and filled with the aroma and fragrance of grilled chicken!! But then, just a couple of shops away from MM Khan was this small restaurant that grabbed my attention – because there was something vaguely familiar about that place. The board on the shop said – Khan Fried Chicken and it looked like this rip off of KFC at first glance!

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My friends and I looked and laughed, and then one of us suggested that we should try it out as we were actually in the mood for some fast food! After a few moments of hesitation, we stepped into Khan Friend Chicken, not really sure what to expect.

They didn’t have a very elaborate menu but it was pretty good actually, just the essentials. Their menu included items like chicken and fish burgers, chicken wraps, popcorn chicken, chicken strips and fried chicken bucket! The only thing vegetarian there is the choice of cold drink – so to all my vegetarian friends, don’t bother going! At this point we were quite excited and couldn’t wait to try out these fried delicacies!

To our utmost disappointment, they were out of fried chicken! But, we tried their chicken burgers, spicy chicken wraps, chicken popcorn and chicken strips – enter food heaven!!

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The chicken burgers were quite good with whole chicken patty. I especially loved the spicy chicken wraps which had a filling of boneless chicken with a spicy sauce and veggies! Chicken popcorns were pretty okay but the chicken strips were the hero of our meal – strips of boneless chicken with a crispy outer covering!!! Needless to say, we were more than satisfied with our meal! Also the quantity! 18 popcorn chicken and 8 pieces of crispy chicken strips at the cost of Rs. 100 each! Burgers and wraps were in the range of Rs. 60-70! Beat that!

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There were 3 of us and we had this huge dinner and paid a grand total of Rs. 440 which including a coke. Can you believe it? The same would have cost us no less than Rs. 1500 anywhere else!

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The place doesn’t have a classy décor and chic music but it is a sure delight for your taste buds! I really don’t think I’m going back to KFC till Khan Fried Chicken keeps wooing me with their crispy fried chicken!! The pictures don’t do any justice to the food served there and honestly we were all too hungry and just pounced on the food before we could click any decent pictures!!

Do you know of any such hidden gems in Jaipur which are a must try? Do let us know in the comments section below!