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Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

The rains have taken over our Pink City and it is indeed a beautiful weather which deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest. So, take that day off from work and give your college a miss and baarish ke bahane scenebanao to go to these places and soak in the good life!

1) Tapri – C-Scheme

tapri central Jaipur | | Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

The rooftop ‘chai’ tapri – what else do you need on a rainy afternoon. Sip the hot tea, enjoy the view of the pink city and munch on some delicious ‘vadapav’ at Tapri, Jaipur’s most favorite spot!

2) Jal Mahal

Jalmahal Jaipur | Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

Come Monsoon and a long drive to Jal Mahal with your friends is a must! Delight in the spectacular view and make every moment count at this beautiful place.

3) Forresta Kitchen and Bar – Bani Park

The-Forresta-Kitchen-and-Bar-jaipur | Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

This forest themed restaurant and bar is a refreshing twist to dining. It is definitely the place to have a good ‘rainy’ time with snacks and drinks.

4) Sharma Dhaba

sharma-dhaba Jaipur | Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

Monsoons give us another reason to visit the most popular ‘dhaba’ of Jaipur apart from its mouthwatering ‘desi’ treats. You can visit this place with your family and friends for lunch/dinner and relish the rain-some delights.

5) GulabJi

GulabJi Chai wale Jaipur | Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

Pink City’s favorite chai-wala is your go to place in this lovely ‘mausam’ if you are craving for some amazing tea and tempting samosa-buns.

Which place would you pick to SceneBanao in this beautiful bearish? Share with us in the comment section below..

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