Bizarre Truths About The Mystic Aghori Sadhus That Will Leave .

The Aghoris: Dark Mysterious Truths About this Powerful Ancient Indian Sadhu Clan

According to the history of Aghoris, the first person  to lay the foundation of these cannibals was Kina Ram.As per the urban legends ,he died towards the end of eighteenth century after completing 150 years of his life. The Aghori cannibals of India are blind followers of the form of Shiva that is considered to  be the God of Death and destruction ,popularly knows as the “Destroyer”.These dangerous species of  monks are highly feared by the common man and their presence is restricted from the native lands . Let’s have a look at some rather weird dangerous and unknown facts about Aghoris the man eaters.

They are known for their disturbing nature to eat just about anything. It is said that the mysterious tribe members live in cemeteries and feast on human flesh as a part of their rituals .They are also known to eat rotten food ,garbage and even human feces or urine .For them eating all this is as good as eating normal food.From human skull to human waste ,everything is a treat for them.

Aghoris are self proclaimed doctors and according to them they have the cure to all the diseases including that of AIDS and cancer .There medicines which they call the “Human Oil”  according to them is collected from the burning pyre after a dead body is burnt.

They practice Shava Samskara. Its a practice where the corpses are used as a communion table to meditate and do other worshiping activities . They believe that the dead body is a symbol of their own body. The flesh that they consume comes from the corpses and is eaten in a corrupt state , sometimes raw and sometimes cooked over the flames .

The Aghoris believe in the power of black magic and supernaturals.They are believed to be performing  Necrophilia which technically means having sexual interests and intercourse with the corpses. The Aghori clan unites in the middle of the night in the cemeteries and the women are smeared with the ashes from the corpses ,and this entire procedure is carried along with the beats of the drums and chanting mantras.

 The Aghori: 14 Dark Truths About this Ancient Religion Ritual

Aghoris claim that they love everyone and have no feeling of hatred or disgust in them. Probably that’s one big reason why they find it completely acceptable to share their Vessel of food with cows,dogsetc.Theybelieve that by doing this they are not dirtying their food but eradicating basic differences.

They try to imitate Lord Shiva as their fashion icon,They are mostly nude or maybe some can be found with a skimpy loin cloth ,but one thing that covers all of them is the ashes from the corpses which they believe is made from the five essential elements of life and thus safe guards them from diseases and mosquitoes.

Possessing a human skull or Kapal is considered to be a sign of the complete Aghori.They can use it as a drinking vessel for liquor ,or a bowl to eat food or to beg.They are supposed to obtain it from the floating holy corpses in the Ganga River .

The day of the Aghori starts when the entire world is sleeping .They like to practise their techniques at night when it’s very quiet and peaceful.They believe they can attain magical powers and break the barriers of clean and unclean and holy and unholy .

Their appearance is gloomy and dirty.They can be spotted with the human skull around their necks as if it’s a piece of Jewell. They almost never wash and cut their hair ,making the long and dirty deadlocks an inseparable part of their identity.

High use of drugs to stay in heightened state of spiritual experiences.They are all dopers and are always under the dosage of Marijuana. Despite always being under the drugs effect they seem quite calm.For them Marijuana is a medicine that helps them to concentrate on their meditation.

According to them every human body is an Aghori .They say that an infant never distinguishes between dirt, face-sand plays with everything that amuses him.Its only in the later years,that under the pressure of family and society he gets diverted from his true calling.

Aghoris are masters of Tantric activities.However it is also believed that these cannibals do not use their power to harm others .It is said that they might just free you of your ailment by absorbing your negativity into their bodies.

Aghories believe that the Shiva is Absolute, omnipotent , omnipresent and Omniscience.For them every movement in the universe is caused by Shiva.These flesh eating monks like to be in solitude where no one can see them or disturb them. So next time in case you spot  any ,stay away and beware .