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5 Monsoon Dishes One Craves For!

“Yeh Mausam Ki Baarish, Yeh Baarish Ka Paani”, don’t you guys keep humming this song these days with the onset of monsoon. This weather takes you to a new world all together making you feel lazy and just sipping hot coffee. To cheer you guys up and relish the taste buds, here is a list of best places to visit in this Monsoon in your own Pink City.

1. Samrat Ke Samose

Samrat Ke Samose | 5 Monsoon Dishes One Craves For

Raise your hands if you are on a diet and still can’t ignore the Samosa cravings every monsoon. This snack is often a part of our breakfast and can’t be ignored when it’s raining. So guys just grab on this snack before the weather becomes hot yet again!

2. Pandit Ki Pav Bhaji

Pandit Ki Pav Bhaji | 5 Monsoon Dishes One Craves For

I know what question is lingering in your mind, which is the original Pandit Ki Pav Bhaji. I have been wondering about the same since my childhood, earlier there was only one but now every stall claims to be the real one. So stop wondering, just go and have the mouth-watering Pav Bhaji At Moti Doongri Circle.

3. Gulab Ji Ki Chai

GulabJi Chai wale Jaipur | Baarish Ke Bahane Scenebanao

Hot Chai in monsoon is to die for. Muska Bun served with Chai is the perfect combo in this weather. Just savor your taste buds and enjoy chai with the cold breeze adding to the perfect evening with your loved ones.

4. Nand Ke Gol Gappe

Nand ke Golgappe | 5 Monsoon Dishes One Craves For

Spicy, peppy or sweet which flavored water is your pick this monsoon? Nand Ke Gol Gappe is a chaat corner where you can have the best Gol Gappes in town. So what are you waiting for guys, make a plan today with your family/friends.

5. Vada Pav

Vada Pav | 5 Monsoon Dishes One Craves For

The all new Ghungroo Seth Vada Pav Company is opened at Crystal Palm. The national food of Bombay is right here being served in your own Pink City and you have to try it out this monsoon.

Guys scenebanao aaj hi and take your friends to stop your monsoon cravings!