Pakistan Vs India

10 Shocking Incidents Where Indians Defeat Pakistanis

“Love thy neighbor”. This is a very famous verse from Bible which we have read or heard several times .But how can you not have a love and hate relationship when your neighbor is Pakistan. Our relationship with this neighboring country has been that of many shades.Lets have a look at some incidents where India has left Pakistan shocked

Nuclear weapons threat

India is technically a ‘no first use ‘ of nuclear weapons state and has maintained it’s stand in never being the first ones to use the deadly weapons but the repeated childish threats from the Pakistani government forced the defense minster to remark on reconsidering on the ‘ no first use ‘ leaving the Pakistani government and media shocked .

Hindu Muslim unity

Pakistan was created on Jinnah’s two nation theory which was based on the assumption to create a heaven for Muslims and the people who follow Islam.However ,time and again it has been proved that India as a secular state is far more secure for Muslims then Pakistan.Small Muslim children being abducted and killed in their own country, mass killings any many other terrorists activities has time and again questioned their own security in their supposed heaven..

Surgical Strike

Pakistan despite the old experiences carries the misconception that India is not brave enough to do anything against them.10 days after it’s surgical strike on Myanmar ,India made it’s way to Pakistan ,stayed there for four deadly hours ,killed 38 terrorists and destroyed 7 launch pads ,leaving Pakistan dumb struck despite their useless warnings.

Befriending Pakistan’s Allies

India Befriends Pakistan's Alias

India has been successful in establishing ties with Pakistan’s close Allies like Iran,Saudi Arabia and the US,they have signed some major economical and strategic deals with these nation’s. The time when UAE ‘s,tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa was lit with the colors of India’s national flag on the 67 th Republic day was a moment of pride for the Indians but not so much for the Pakistanis.

The 1971 war

How can we not talk about this historical event ! Initially a liberation war from Bangladesh against the oppressive west Pakistani regime ,India stayed away from getting directly involved .But Pakistan attacking 11 of our air stations proved suicidal for them only as India entered into a full fledged war with Pakistan and made them surrender within 13 days ,marking the creation of Bangladesh and of course giving sore memories to Pakistan which makes them uncomfortable till this day.

The Israel connection

Pakistan Israel connection

Indian government left the Pakistani government shocked after successfully collaborating with Israel .They have established several defense ,economical and diplomatic associations.This collaboration has indeed left Pakistan in a confused state despite it’s terms of diplomacy and global isolation after India pounded on them with surgical strike.

International Reputation

Despite both attaining Independence in the same year,Both the nation’s have made remarkable progress in their own fields .India has managed to create a global name and admiration for itself for it’s rich culture ,hospitality,ayurveda ,yoga ,Bollywood and many other elements making herself a proud progressive nation whereas Pakistan graph has only risen as a terrorists country hampering the peace and security of citizens all over the world .

Space research

In spite of becoming the third Asian country to have their own satellite organization ,Pakistan’s Space and Upper atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) Is decades behind India’s “ India space and research organization “ ( ISRO).India has set a world record of sending 104 satellites into space ,and Pakistan is yet to launch their first satellite which they claim cannot be done until 2040.While in this sector too India has created a proud name for herself the Pakistanis continue to lack far way behind due to their crunched education funding and continued military supervision.


The India Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most extreme And intensified sports rivalries in the world . The ICC WorldT20 in Johannesburg ,looked like an attainable win for Pakistan. But the last over proved significant for Dhoni and his men where Joginder Sharma and Sreesanth slapped up Misbah-ul-haq, making a great win for India but leaving the Pakistanis disappointed over the last three balls.

Economic growth

Post Partition,Pakistan was predicted to be the model economy of the world. But irrespective of a good start it failed to grow because of it’s military dictatorship and the rule of Islamisation above everything .On the other hand ,India being a over populated country started growing gradually and then in leaps and bounds .Today the the GDP of Maharashtra alone is $390 billion which alone is much higher then the entire GDP of Pakistan which is estimated to be $284 billion.

Since the partition of British India ,and the creation of the two independent states of India and Pakistan, there have been four major wars between the nation’s where Pakistan has mostly been defeated and disastered. Relationship between the two remains hostile and complex due to various political and historical conflicts.